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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 7:10 PM

I thought the first post I post is all about the camp I just took part.
But it's not!Because I can't wait to gave vent for my rage.ISH

Lastnight,almost 1am.I was lying on the bed with almost asleep situation.
Suddenly,my mum said :"B.Somebody is trying to steals my car!And for sure her sound panic
I woke up immediately run and check it out.
When I looked around outside,I just saw a White Harria go away.ISH!

So that afterward my mum told me that she saw the guys walking around our car a long time.
He got some tools and crunch in front of my mum's car.
Then my mum on the alarm immediately!
Luckily,the bloody hell gone
Mum said there were  2guys.The one who leave the car and trying to stole my mum's car is a young Chinese guy with fair skin and handsome face.Nah,I hate this part!It proved handsome and pretty not refer that they are kind.
Unfortunately,my mum just remember part of his car's num.Just owe one word.!
I asked her to make a report I mean call Police
She said it's too late and it will bring  a lots trouble
I said no worries I have the call and her phone num is register by my biography.
She kept on said dont want .

This morning she went and checked the car.The front of car got destroyed!
It's one of the reason I wanted to call Police.
Informed police at least the cost for repair car we can get from car's insurance
Plus,you know what?Ipoh is getting terrible.We can't make sure the bloody hell wont come back and steal the car again.
But, nothing I could do.My mum said NO
My aunt had the same situation before,a handsome young guy ask her for somewhere's location while she was holding her car's key.And then,what happened?! The guy grab the car key and drive away the car!
It happened few year ago.The latest is my relative got stole funiture and 2 cars.How horrible was it?!

And so wtheck my mum dont want to make a report.
I knew that is panic but this case have to handle well!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 10:35 PM










I like it.Nice one :))

Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 1:21 AM

My blog was dead.I'm gonna makes it alive soon :)
Recently busy for street dance practice and tuition
Tons of stuffs I have to do and those stuff made me getting lazy and lazy to update my bloggie
And talent quest audition on next Tuesday.
Honestly,I'm fucking nervous x(
But worry no cure,I have to do my BEST
God bless me and guys pray for me :)

Well,today was mother's day
I had a early celebration at Ipoh Garden East's 1919 restaurant.
At first,I thought this mother's day will be an uneventful one.
The fact told me it didn't :)
I gave my mum something which can eat.LOL
After dinner,I went Parkson with aunts and cousins.
Hilarious,I got my present on mother's day from my aunt.
It's a nike bag.MwaHAHA!
Fucking happy!LOL

Anyway,thanks my aunt here :)

A lots of pic wanted to share here.

Ert lesson :)

I know I'm really like a Nerdie!

I'm really busying.Not kidding one LOL!


My action totally doesnt look like a GIRL

Saya dan Lyn lyn LOL I love this :)


In Class :)

I just tries to clean the mirror

We laugh like maniacs LMAO

Kl Confusion School & Times Square

Me and Peck Khee in Confusion School's toilet

Cupcakes we decorated :)


Shabu shabu :) Oh my nerd face :S

I'm so GAY here

New clothes bought from times square with 25 bucks.HAHA


Drum >3


[Will be continue........]

Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 6:10 AM

For me,it's been a long time I didnt update my blog.
Recently really not in the mood wanted to update my bloggie.
I took a lots pic with my classmate.
But I'm really can't let lazy go out my mind

Everyone including me can't believe that I'm taking part in talent quest.
So I attending for street dance class again.Just for 1 month.
Yesterday was the first day I attending the class.
We learned the first variation.
Frankly speaking,I love the routine teacher set for us.It's amazing
But I cant part of the variation.
After street dance class I went back home and started baking cake
From 1pm until 9pm I never sit down.
My muscle was already fucking pain after street dance
After baked the cake I still have to wash tons of thing.OMGGGGG
And the cake really look disgusting eww
I should sleep immediately after finished all work
But the drama my mum watched was really attractive it made my laughed non stop
I fall asleep during I laughing.HAHAHA
Dont feel like wanna waking up for school this morning.
I'm really not feeling well but I couldnt skip school
I waking up with my tired body and mind LOL

After school passed the cake to her while the time I waiting for tuition
I feel embarrassing while passing it because it's ugly and tak ikhlas
The most bad thing happened during I eating with my friend at their school canteen
My friend's pj teacher come and asked me what class I come from
Of course the teacher knew I'm not studying in that school
I was fucking embarrassed. ISH.Where can I go next thurs?!
After tuition went street dance class.
They all learned the second variation already
I have to catch up as fast as possible
I keep practice the same steps until my knee and angle turned dark purple
I still have to going for street dance class tomorrow
I wish I really could finish the routine and performed it well!

Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 6:39 AM

Abandoned my blog for a week.Hee
Eventually,saya kembali!LOL
Took many pic in this week.
Some of them with beloved cousin sis.
Some with beloved classmate :)
Sadness happiness happened in this week  for sure.
But we must through sadness away and be with happiness forever.
That's the only perfect way to live happy.Hee

Pictures time.

Me and Jessy(my cousin sis)
Fucking ugly I knew.LOL


I wish I could fucking drive!In car btw :)

Me and lovely classmate

They were presenting there dialoge role-play.Couldnt show their face because I would murdered by them.



Our Chinese & Class teacher Pn Chai :)

I'm the who wearing Cadet Uniform.Me and Pn Chai's pic.xD

Class pic without me and Pui Mun :)

Class pic with me and Mun >3

Me and  my tablemate Pui Mun.I like this but can't see her face x(

She like this :D

Fuck You Idiot.LOL

Mun took this.I have no idea.I guess she wanna show off she's using nike I'm using adidas?xD

Cooking section:)

Me and Wo De Mei Ren.:P

My ingredients also so BIG size one.LOL

Chang chang chang chang!My disgusting Pumpkin and Tauhu.LMAO!

It's for Spm result one.
So I do really took it serious.
Although I fucking hate the ginger taste.ISHHH
It's better than I thought :D

Eeee,I cut my fur again!
But some of my friends said didnt realized wor.ISHHHH!!!

So I decided to show before and after haircut's pic.xD


After.Nahhhh.Different lor.Sideburn also short adyyyy!!!!:(((

The reason I cut my hair again is it's too long!Plus it's too hot!!
The main reason is we have to take class photo soon.LMAO!!
Arr.And the book I holding is The Vampire Diaries.
Nice book i bought from Popular one :)
Check it out!

Earthquake again.SIGHS
Did you guys realize temperature keep increase recently?!
Damn hot weather.Our earth sick.
Sick of those activity did by human.
Earth is hurt so badly.
I really can imagine that the situation of earthquake.
What if you're the victim?
Do ppl ever think that those thing will happen on our life?

We share a world,save the earth :)
Guys,recycle!Its work to save our earth our home.

Nice song I found by a local malay singer with Colby O-donis from USA!!!!

What you waiting for from Mizznina and Colby O-Donis :)

baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
hey baby comein tell me what this all
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

[mizz nina]
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

its your birthday
so tell me what's you want it too

[mizz nina]
its my birthday
im really wanna get with you

drop the beat now and may be we can get it started

[mizz nina]
will go insane and take you to the after party

so what's your name hey baby what's your name oh yeah

[mizz nina]
sexys my name yea sexys my name

ok and whats your game hey baby what's your game
[mizz nina]
ok i like to play..i ..i like to play

baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
hey baby comein tell me what this all
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

[mizz nina]
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

hey sexy girl from kuala lumpur
[mizz nina]
hey baby that's me i'll be on the dance floor

i got you with surprise we pop in up in VIP
[mizz nina]
and if i ask nice can i take you home with me

baby let's get crazy come and loose control
you want to tear up after party
i know you wants some more
i wanna see you with that body ???

baby come and get it
what you what you waiting for

Oh yea.I changed my song again..
A chinese song.Love it although i no longer addicted to Chinese pop :)

Going Kl on 1st of May and Penang on June.
Kl for pameran Vocasional .Penang for INTI College :)
I'm the first one who deny to go this kind of activity before.
But no longer,I wanna find my way out
ShangHai is waiting for me!:D
If you asked me am I love to study.
Not really.The one I love is my future.

I believe love is greatness since I saw something.
I agreed age is not a problem for love someone.
But why I told my friend is a problem for me?

And I wondering why Yoona face different in Run Devil Run Mv.
Honestly I couldnt recognize her :S 

Care  some one not stand that we must contact someone.
 Feeling of missing stay in our heart and it never gone.

Friday, April 9, 2010 at 11:03 PM

idea to the title I should put as.
Muffins and cupcakes.That's all recently I think aboutt.
Muffin?Cupcake?Which one better?! The choices pissing me off!

I'm the one who wearing cadet uniform.I can't recognized myself x( Btw,the other is Mun mun >3

She's freaky hot! :)

Eng songs are getting less and less.It's the most nice new song I found:)

Anyone can tell me muffin or cupcake better?
Vanilla or chocolate better?
Holy shit.When can I figured out?!

hello world!

Life is too short don't try to waste it and laugh and smile when something else try to hurt you.It's a magical power to makes us happy :)


You will know me well :)
Jacob also known as KHY.It's my name.
Going Seventeen but with 17 month's baby's mind.LOL
Currently study in PGS as known as Perak Girls School It's not a lovely school:]

Those things could really drive me crazy:

Cakes/dessert,Gorgeous Celebrities,Photograph,Music!,Movies, Rubik cube,Sport,Dance

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-Home stay
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